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*clap* how's everyone feeling today?? i know i'm feeling great! been up since 7 and it's 9am here now... working from home, getting ready for work tomorrow. my whole family is coming home tonight so we'll be having a big get-together here at our house. i have to go to work in the morning and i'm not looking forward to it. Saturday, December 17, 2005 Friday, December 16, 2005 so, i'm sorry i haven't written anything for the past two weeks... i've been extremely busy with the holidays... my parents are here and my whole family is coming to our house tonight to meet them and celebrate the holidays! wow... i've been so overwhelmed with all the preparations for this week. i've been up and down in my house like crazy! i was also interviewed by the media on tuesday for a story about a family who won $50,000 on the nba lottery. i made a small donation of $25 to the family and it's pretty cool to see how my little contribution to something that means a lot to them can be so life-changing! after the story aired on the news on tuesday, i went to work and came home to do some stuff for the night and then had to work another 10 hours on friday. i've just barely caught up with my sleep schedule... haha. needless to say, i'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! but, i'm ready to go, because i love my job! a funny thing happened at work yesterday... two coworkers and i were talking about the various traditions for the holidays... they both mentioned that they're pretty much the same as in chicago, but that the special dishes and decorations for the holidays make it really special. i told them how my family in the greek community has a special "pankrati" dinner on eid el kareem. it's just like regular dinner, with the usual special dishes and desserts, but the meat is traditionally served on the side, instead of being served with the main course. i told them i have a secret recipe that i usually make for this special dinner and that's what makes it so special. one of my coworkers told me that she's never had this dinner before, so she was going to make it this year, too. a couple of days ago, i mentioned to a couple of other coworkers that i'm going to be making this dinner this year and they both said




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Airsimmer A320 FOR FS2004!! Cracked!! yemsof

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